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Bulan: Desember 2021

Bupati Lombok Utara Launching Dusun Terintegrasi Dengan 10 Program PKK

Kayangan, Prokopim Setda KLU – Bupati Lombok Utara H. Djohan Sjamsu, S.H Launching Dusun Terintegritas dengan Posyandu Keluarga, Sadar Adminduk dan Kampung Anggur yang berlokasi di Dusun Beraringan Desa Kayangan (30/12). Turut hadir Ketua TP-PPK KLU Hj. Galuh Nurdiyah Djohan Sjamsu, Asisten I Setda KLU Drs. H Raden Nurjati, Para Kepala OPD, Camat se-KLU, Kepala Desa dan PKK serta undangn lainnya.

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Ada Expands Conversational AI Platform; Partners with Talkdesk

Drift Conversational AI

In just one click, and in a completely seamless manner, handoff your customers from automated conversation directly to live agent within the same user experience. Diminish customer frustration by allowing them on-demand, self-service support, and frictionless access to human beings when needed. Be there for your customers at any time and anywhere, with instant online, mobile, and social support that integrates with your live chat experience to enable a seamless handoff from chatbot to agent. This allowed clients to meet the increased volume without hiring additional agents, freeing their existing teams to answer complex, challenging inquiries.

ada conversational ai

As we’ve already experienced with our own clients, the rise of AI-powered self-service will continue to have the biggest impact on the customer service industry in the coming years. Ada integrates with many of our enterprise clients’ existing IVR solutions to deflect customer calls from reaching agents, by providing them with the option to use a self-service chatbot, rather than waiting on hold. In this interview, Mr. Murchison shares insights on how enterprises can leverage conversational AI to transform the role of support from a cost to a revenue centre. Our approach to conversation logic allows your chatbot to learn more quickly, integrate more easily and resolve customer requests faster and more reliably than any other chatbot on the market giving you the best time to value. Ada’s multilingual capabilities let you build your AI-powered chatbot in one language, then deploy it to your customers in 100+ languages. This includes English, Spanish, Portuguese, Russian, French, German, and Japanese.

Energy & Natural Resources

With customer service becoming core to brand differentiation, companies in virtually every industry are confused about how best to address customer needs. The market for chatbots and conversational AI platforms has become particularly crowded and chaotic. Unfortunately, this has led many enterprises to make poor knee jerk decisions, without a broader strategic context.

Automate more interactions and scale without being held back by capital investment on agent headcount and IT resources. Innovative proprietary platform, more than dozen brands, over 500 employees located in seven different locations across Europe and together we share a passion for making entertainment led experiences for our customers. Our ideal customers are enterprise level of 1,000 employee or more, 75,000 tickets per month, and 75 plus support agents within the retail/ecommerce, fintech, SaaS, or hospitality industries. As its technology continues to evolve, Ada’s brand is growing in tandem, culminating with the launch of a completely redesigned website featuring unified messaging and a new color scheme. The company’s new colors, textures and shapes represent its dynamic, complex and interconnected brand.

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It also extends the benefits of conversational AI to marketing and sales with Ada Engage, helping brands break down organizational silos and unify CX among teams and across the customer journey. Fueling interactions between brands and the people who love them—prospective and loyal customers, stakeholders and employees—Ada transforms reactive CX models into proactive, tailored profit generators. Ada’s brand interaction layer spans the entire customer journey, automating everything from simple, day-to-day inquiries to deeply complex conversations.

Ada’s natural language processing engine goes beyond intuitive human-to-system conversations by using natural language understanding . Just as with an automated customer service chatbot, voice-enabled interfaces introduce new efficiencies that benefit both the agent and customer. For Ada, this means we have the added challenge of overcoming the noise created by other AI vendors and self-service solutions—but time is on our side. Through our customers and the results we’ve delivered, Ada has earned credibility and is emerging as a leader. Also, because we’ve designed our platform to remove the complexity of introducing AI, our customers are able to realize quick wins and they can swiftly double down on a thoughtful automation-first strategy.

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Ada’s Automated Brand Interaction framework shifts the value from simply answering common support questions to taking action and eventually anticipating customer needs. To start a conversational AI strategy, support teams first need to remove their dependence on IT to build and manage the automated customer experience—and that’s been our strategy from the start. With Ada, launching a chatbot that integrates with your existing systems doesn’t require a costly, multi-year plan or hiring in-house developers.

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  • Clients hit an over 80% automation rate of their customer interactions.
  • Ada uses conversational AI to automate billions of brand interactions a year.
  • Introducing voice capabilities across new channels provides customers with additional self-service avenues for getting answers and taking action.

With these new capabilities, brands could enable customers to begin an interaction on voice, get detailed information via SMS, and then receive the call transcript via email. At Ada, we’ve designed an AI-powered platform that empowers non-technical customer service teams to build a support chatbot that automates up to 80% of customer inquiries and delivers deep personalization. On the heels of the product suite updates and rebrand, Ada has experienced immense growth over the last year. The company has automated 2.6 billion brand interactions and now supports over 300 brands across the globe including Zoom, Facebook and Square. It has also scaled its digital-first team to over 400 members in eight different countries.

Remote Support Software

As AI-powered platforms, like Ada, are further integrated into the customer journey with increasingly deeper levels of customization, high-quality support is quickly becoming synonymous with personalized self-service. For me, it’s really important that every Owner feels committed to their craft and that they’re empowered to do their best work. Together, we’re setting the foundation ada conversational ai for a generational company that’s transforming the customer experience for millions, soon to be billions of people around the world. An eCommerce chatbot that lifts revenues from 20% to 40% when the shopper engages with Ochatbot and reduce support tickets from 25% to 45% with Ochatbot. Ochatbot’s robust AI chatbot features are designed for ecommerce platforms…

Ada automates interactions best suited for self-serve across channels like Gladly Chat, SMS, social messaging, and more. The criteria for the report included use cases, conversation design, conversation delivery, conversation agents, orchestration, human-machine collaboration, performance insights, product vision, roadmap, and market approach. Ada’s API-agnostic and out-of-the box integrations with 3rd-party systems allow brands to easily connect to any tech stack. Brands can leverage all data sources and client-facing channels to create the best omni-channel, experiences for customers. Ada’s industry-leading Natural Language Processing technology requires minimal training to detect customer intent, enabling fast-growing brands to scale more automated interactions without adding agent headcount.

This experience allowed us to see firsthand the benefits automation would bring to the outdated industry. But more importantly, it allowed us to understand the need for technology to be simple enough for support teams – away from IT – to build the automated experience with knowledge, empathy, and speed. And we set out to build Ada’s AI-powered customer service platform. Mindsay makes customer interactions simple and efficient using conversational automation.

ada conversational ai

IBM Watson Assistant is a conversational AI platform that provides customers with consistent, accurate and fast answers across all applications, devices, and channels. In the market for ada conversational ai a customer service automation platform or chatbot and wondering how Solvemate compares to Ada? We’ve gathered some insight and information we hope will help you on your buying journey.

ada conversational ai

Solvemate lives a culture of transparency and we extend it to our customers. We work closely with our customers to ensure they have the support they need to make their projects successful. You won’t find any hidden fees or unexpected costs to help you get up and going and see value in the long run.

Bupati Lombok Utara Hadiri Presmian Percontohan dan Penandatanganan NPH PJUTS

Lobar, Prokopim Setda KLU-Bupati Lombok Utara H. Djohan Sjamsu S.H menghadiri Peresmian Percontohan Pemasangan Lampu PJUTS serta Penandatanganan Naskah Perjanjian Hibah (NPH) Lampu PJUTS antara Pemerintah Daerah dengan Lembaga Pengelola Proyek Forum Budaya Dunia Heritages (LPP-FBDH) yang berlangsung di Gunung Jae Desa Sedau Kecamatan Narmada Lobar Rabu (29/12). Kegiatan ini juga dihadiri oleh Ketua Regional III LPP-FBDH Ronal Mutra, Asisten Bidang Ekonomi Pembangunan Setda NTB Ir. Moh. Husni,M.Si, Bupati Lombok Barat H Fauzan Halid MSi,Wakil Bupati Lombok Tengah Dr.H M Nursiah, Wakil Bupati Lombok Timur H Rumaksi,Sekda Kota Mataram Dr.H Efendi Eko Saswito serta undangan lainnya.

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PEMDA KLU Terima Pengelolaan SPAM Sigar Penjalin Gili Air Dari BPPW NTB

Pemenang, Prokopim Setda KLU – Bupati Lombok Utara H. Djohan Sjamsu menghadiri Serah Terima Pengelolaan Paket Pekerjaan Pembangunan Jaringan Perpipaan SPAM Sigar Penjalin untuk Kawasan Gili Air Kabupaten Lombok Utara bertempat di Dusun Gili Air Desa Gili Indah Senin(27/12).Hadir pula Wakil Bupati Danny Karter Febrianto Ridawan ST MEng, Asisten Bidang Ekonomi Pembangunan Setda H. Rusdi ST, Kepala Dinas PU PR Kaharizal ST, Direktur Perumda Amerta Dayan Gunung Firmansyah, ST, Kepala Balai Prasarana Pemukiman Wilayah (BPPW) NTB Ika Sri Rejeki, ST., MT beserta undangan lain

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Apel Gelar Pasukan Operasi Lilin Rinjani di Kabupaten Lombok Utara Tahun 2021

Gangga, Prokopim Setda KLU – Bupati Lombok Utara yang diwakili oleh Asisten Pemerintahan dan Kesra KLU Drs. H. Raden Nurjati menghadiri Apel Operasi Lilin Rinjani 2021 bertempat di Halaman Polres Lombok Utara(23/12). Hadir pula Kapolres Lombok Utara AKBP I Wayan Sudarmanta S.I.K., M.H, Perwira Penghubung Kodim 1606/Mataram Mayor Ibnu Haban, Kalaksa BPBD KLU M. Zaldi Rahadian, ST serta undangan lainnya.

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Peringati Hari Ibu Ke-93 Wabup Danny: Tidak Ada Kata Yang Mampu Menggambarkan Jasa Seorang Ibu

Tanjung, Prokopim Setda KLU – Wakil Bupati Lombok Utara Danny Karter Febrianto Ridawan ST MEng menghadiri peringatan Hari Ibu ke – 93 di Kabupaten Lombok Utara yang bertema “Perempuan Berdaya, Indonesia Maju” berlangsung di Aula RSUD Lombok Utara, Tanjung (22/12). Turut hadir dalam acara tersebut Pj. Sekda KLU Anding Duwi Cahyadi SSTP, MM, Pabung KLU Mayor (Inf) Ibnu Haban, Ketua TP PKK KLU Hj. Galuh Nurdiyah Djohan Sjamsu, Wakapolres Lotara Kompol Samnurdin SH, Ketua GOW KLU Yunita Aprilia Danny Karter, ST MEng, Ketua DWP Baiq Hurniwati SPd serta undangan lainnya.

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Bentuk Apresiasi Pada Guru PAUD Pemda Gelar Jambore PTK-PAUD Se-KLU

Bayan, Prokopim Setda KLU-Dalam rangka mengapresiasi Guru TK dan Guru Pendidikan Anak Usia Dini (PAUD) di Kabupaten Lombok Utara Bunda PAUD Mengelar Jambore PTK-PAUD Se-KLU yang dibuka secara resmi oleh Bupati Lombok Utara H Djohan Sjamsu SH di Lapangan Umum Desa Anyar(17/12).Hadir pula Wakil Ketua II DPRD KLU Mariadi SAg,Bunda PAUD KLU Hj.Galuh Nurdiyah Djohan Sjamsu,Anggota DPRD KLU L.M Zaki,Ketua DWP KLUBaiq Hurniwati SPd, Kepala OPD,Camat Bayan Denda Peniwarni SE,Kepala Desa Se-Kecamatan Bayan.

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Bupati Lombok Utara Serahkan Bansos Lansia di Desa Karang Bajo

Bayan, Prokopim Setda KLU – Bupati Lombok Utara H. Djohan Sjamsu SH salurkan Bantuan Sosial lanjut usia melalui program Atensi Kemensos RI
Balai Rehabilitasi Sosial Lanjut Usia (BRSLU) “Gau Mabaji” di Gowa bekerja sama dengan LKSLU Al-Bayani Desa Karang Bajo Kecamatan Bayan Jum’at(17/12). Hadir pula mendampingi Bupati Lombok Utara Kadis Sosial PPPA KLU Fatturahman SST,Camat Bayan Denda Peniwarni SE, Ketua LKSLU Al-Bayani Saparwadi, Tokoh Masyarakat, Dan penerima manfaat.

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Bupati Lantik Pejabat Tinggi Pratama, Administrator dan Pengawas Lingkup Pemda KLU

Tanjung, Prokopim Setda KLU – Bupati Lombok Utara H. Djohan Sjamsu, SH melantik Pejabat Pimpinan Tinggi Pratama, Administrator dan Pengawas Lingkup Pemerintah Kabupaten Lombok Utara Tahun 2021 di Halaman Kantor Bupati setempat (17/12).Turut hadir dalam pelantikan tersebut Kapolres Lombok Utara AKBP I Wayan Sudarmanta S.I.K., M.H, Perwira Penghubung Kodim 1606/ Mataram Mayor Ibnu Haban, Pj Sekda Anding Duwi Cahyadi S.STP.,MM, Para Staf ahli dan Asisten, Para Kepala OPD, serta Pejabat yang dilantik.

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